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As Easter in my shearing shed moves ever closer, along with the Margaret River Open Studios which follows, I have a never ending parade of artistic ideas rolling through my head, sometimes at the most inconvenient times. Case in point, a 4.30am rise and painting... I think this may stem from anticipation of the events to come, but also from the increase in viewing of others' work.

Creativity can't be turned off. It's a little like the ocean, always there and always happening, whether you see it or do something in it, or ignore it. I guess if you ignore it for long enough you stop seeing it, but difficult to do at 4.30 am.

I am so looking forward to opening my shed this year. Things are a little different, as I have concentrated in a slightly different direction for a while, but still with a wide variety of subjects, media, styles and prices to offer my visitors.

I have had a wonderful start to my year, winning awards and selling work at each of the exhibitions I have been involved in, Busselton's Art in the Park, Wagin Woolorama and Pemberton Art Prize, so...hoping to keep the momentum of happies rolling...just like the ocean...

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