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OK, it's been a looooong while. I haven't updated or blogged for a few years. Life just keeps getting in the way, and let's face it, from mobile phone to FB or instagram, is much easier and quicker.

But, here I am...ready to hit you with some thoughts and doings.

Firstly, it seems that everyone wants to be an artist these days. I think Covid brought about a shift in people's future aspirations and the realization that we needed a bit of creative down time. And honestly, everyone CAN be an artist, in whatever way works for them. This has been quite handy for me, as I have been having a blast running workshops in all different media, styles and subjects for a couple years now, helping a lot of people find a direction for their own particular brand of artiness.

Secondly, between this and the rest of my chaotic life, actually DOING art has taken a bit of a hit. Lotsa little stuff, but nothing meaty. That's gonna change after the next 12 months or so, so watch this space.

I am off to a porcelain painting convention next week, the first time out of the state since covid (oooo scary scary) and should have a great and challenging time as guest artist and tutor while there.

I am being represented in a Margaret River Gallery, have lots of work in various exhibitions around and about, and still work on the farm and part time in an art supply store (handy, right?!!!). My 2 gorgeous grandchildren help fill in the gaps, and life is full...

So, I hope you haven't been too bored by my ramblings. if you want to contact me at all, feel free...


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